Our Landscape Lighting Maintenance Program


Protect the Beauty and Performance of Your System

Much care was given to your initial landscape lighting design. Where a criterion was established such as: safety, security, mood, image, and aesthetics. The same care must be taken to maintain your lighting design and system. A Red River Lights planned lighting program will assure you of a safe, reliable lighting system, a protected investment and offers enjoyment from your custom lighting system for years to come.




Every Landscape Lighting System Needs a Little TLC!

There are important benefits to planned checks:

● Maintained design criteria

● Proper light levels maintained for the task at hand

● Cost effectiveness in maintaining system all at once; effective use of labor

● NO surprises; equipment condition monitored; warranty implementation if necessary

● Investment is protected

● Pride of Contractor: maintaining the design reflects contractor’s workmanship

Basic Program

The minimum recommendation for any new lighting system, best used for smaller systems. A once a year service where we will perform the following:

● Replace all lamps (Halogen)

● Reset timers and inspect transformers.

● Make any needed repairs.

● Adjust/realign fixtures

● Clean Fixtures and Lenses

● Inspect tree mounts and growth habits

● You pay hourly Service fees, for lamps (bulbs), and cost of repairs.

Essential Program

Three Service Checks a Year

The best program for any system and recommended for all Red River Lights LED landscape lighting systems. Maintains year round consistency in your landscape lighting appearance.

● LED Lamp Replacement as needed *

● Clean fixtures / lenses

● Lubricate fixture sockets as needed

● Aiming and adjustment

● Pruning around fixtures

● Check time clock settings

● Inspect tree mounts, growing habits

*This service is included with all of Red River Lights new LED Landscape Lighting installations.

Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician

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