Landscape Lighting Development Process



Upon contact for a free consultation, our designer will visit your home or business to determine your specific landscape lighting needs and desired style. First, we will tour the various indoor living areas (those areas which are important for viewing your outdoor lighting from indoors) to survey your tastes and styles.  We will review our portfolio with you and develop outdoor lighting ideas for your landscape and architecture.

As a next step, we will tour the outside of your property to discover focal points and points of interest, specimen flowers and trees, and discuss your specific requests. At this time, we will make sketches, take notes,  and shoot pictures for references, so we will have visual aids throughout the design process, to create an outdoor light-scape that is uniquely yours.

Finally, our designer will contact you with a proposal, within a couple of days, for you to review. The details of the plans and design are not included with the post-consultation proposal, but may be purchased.


Design & Build

Your design includes all steps discussed in the consultation and agreed upon in the proposal. In addition, you will be provided with a professionally drawn schematic and plans detailing all aspects of the design and proposal. There is no charge for design and consultation when you sign a contract with us to install your landscape lighting system.

If you wish to purchase our design without a lighting installation contract, we will be pleased to provide it to you for the labor invested in the design effort.

Please contact us at (318) 469-3106, or click here to schedule a consultation.



Red River Lights guarantees a quality installation with seamless integration into your landscape. We take great care in every detail to assure that you barely know that we were there. We will install your outdoor lighting system with minimum disturbance of your landscape. Red River Lights will work closely with your arborist, landscape designer, or architect to insure the greatest quality and least amount of impact to your property. We our proud of our ability to be creative with our installation, and we guarantee you will not see the wiring.

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