This month’s project spotlight, the Bossier Mini Oasis, is the perfect representation of what we love to do here at Red River Lights. We enjoy working together with homeowners to create an original landscape lighting design that both illuminates the architectural beauty and increases the functionality of their home. This beautiful pool and pool house demands sufficient lighting so that its artful layout can be enjoyed and admired. However, being tucked away so closely to other houses presented a problem. Simple flood lights are great for ball fields, but a space such as this needs controlled, custom lighting. This enables the space to be well lit without the use of overpowered lighting, which can create unwanted glare and harsh brightness. So, we were able to construct a custom lighting layout to generate a relaxing mood and a sense of comfort in this exotic space.



The center of attention is this beautiful in-ground pool area. Because we had limited space to work with, flood lights weren’t a good option. Sometimes overheard lights around a small pool create more glare than desired. So, we went with installing custom architectural lighting on the bar wall, which highlighted the bar seating while also lighting a large portion of the pool deck. To light the remaining areas around the pool, we added custom hanging basket lights and lighting on the planters and columns around the pool house. This strategic placement created a warm, inviting atmosphere that turned an everyday backyard into a personal oasis.




We used attraction bollards to really complete the scene and make it something to enjoy and view. They fit perfectly into the composition, providing safe traverse lighting along with fun shadowing from the light patterns that they create. These bollards are made from a special steel that patinas to a natural rust color. Once the patina has set, it doesn’t rust or run, providing it with a beautiful lifetime color.

Finally, we topped it off with a custom 6ft by 14in lighted sculpture bollard used to draw attention to the back of the pool house patio and provide task lighting for the outdoor shower.


Let us help you create a backyard retreat that will help you to enjoy your space at all times of the day! A Landscape Lighting Specialist can help you illuminate and accent your home. Whether you would like to highlight a pool, or bring life to an outdoor patio, Red River Lights can help make your visions a reality.

Click on the photos (or HERE) to see the gallery on our website, along with other unique lighting designs! To schedule a time to discuss your landscape lighting needs, either submit this FORM or call Brandon at (318) 469-3106.

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