Distinguished Backyard Retreat

As we move to the height of the summer and fall sets in, we are showcasing one of our recent projects, an elegantly lit Shreveport patio and a backyard with multiple lighting features. The perks of this home are not shy, with tall trees looming over the patio from the yard behind, providing shade in the summer. We were fortunate to be a part of this special project, lighting the patio, pergola, and small maple trees in the surrounding yard. Continue reading to see our work that makes this such an exceptional project! 

The view from the patio as you first step out into the seating area shows you a lighting design that has a timeless and refined style. Using subtle uplighting to highlight the maple trees lining the patio walkway behind the pool, and in conjunction with the pool lighting, creates a soft glow for relaxing in the evening. 

The pergola was a focal point we knew we wanted to express with lighting. Using downlights attached discretely at the roofline on either side of the interior, the effect that is created with the shadows is unparalleled. The seating area is lit sufficiently, and the same light diffuses across the stone patio surrounding it to create a warm and inviting arrangement. 

The backyard is all about creating a subtle yet distinguishable backdrop for the pool and patio area. With downlights illuminating the lower canopies from the tall trees above, and multiple uplights in the small maple trees, we keep the methodology simple -- but it creates a full and abundant effect, creating visual interest for the whole yard and not just parts of it. 

Because of its proximity, the downlights from the pergola and extra light from the trees also illuminate the brickwork and cast ambient light and shadows on the steps, effectively providing sheeny path lighting for the walking areas.

The variety of projects we work on is an incredible part of the job. We love creating custom lighting designs that enhance the beauty and ambiance of spaces after sundown. We hope you are enjoying your summer, and as always, feel free to reach out with any of your lighting needs!

Click on the photos (or HERE) to see the gallery on our website, along with other unique lighting designs! To schedule a time to discuss your landscape lighting needs, either submit this FORM or call Brandon at (318) 469-3106.

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