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Driving through this Bossier subdivision, you'd probably be surprised to find this stylishly lit home. For this project, that we were fortunate enough to illuminate, the lighting design elegantly enhances the architectural features while also providing nighttime security and safety.

We collaborated with Copper Works Lighting to create these stunning copper lanterns installed for the walking areas. One of our ideas was to balance our typical up-accent lighting on the house and trees with ground-level custom-made lanterns from our friends at Copper Works. These lanterns themselves act as a visible focal point. In doing so, we were simultaneously able to emphasize the beautiful brick of the house, the Crepe Myrtle trees, and the architectural features of the home and landscaping, while also increasing security and safety.

The uplighting along the foundation illuminates the walls of the home. The light gently crawls up the brick to highlight its beautiful color, create unique and intriguing shadows, and adds curb appeal. We strategically placed the fixtures to cast light all the way up the full extent of the wall to the soffits. 

In addition to the lanterns, we also installed micro path lights along the front entrance walkway to help safely guide guests coming and going. Placing lights on either side of the path elegantly illuminates the brickwork and detailing. 

Further toward the back of the property, lining the side of the house with more up-accent lighting on the trees, and utilizing another lantern, we effectively increased residential security while maintaining design priority. 

Using antique brass tiki torches and down lights around the roofline, we established that this is a sophisticated yet relaxed backyard entertainment area, while also making lighting a form of strong security. 

Essentially the whole surface of this backyard is illuminated, which is one of the best deterrents of intruders. 

The variety of projects we work on is an incredible part of our job. We love creating custom lighting designs that enhance the beauty and ambiance of spaces after sundown. We hope you are enjoying your day, and as always, feel free to reach out with any of your lighting needs!  See the full gallery here.

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