School is out! We have officially begun experiencing the triple digit heat and humidity of summer this week. Time for long summer days spent relaxing outside and enjoying your outdoor space. There is no better time than now to ask … why landscape lighting?

The task of the landscape lighting specialist is often misunderstood. Landscape lighting specialists do more than assemble and place lighting fixtures. Rather, they are trained to develop lighting compositions that are designed to draw or divert attention for three primary purposes: aesthetics, security, and safety. Color frequency… light intensity… strategic placement… these elements, along with many more, are the tools that a lighting specialist uses to achieve these objectives.




You’ve spent years of hard work saving up for the home of your dreams. You took the time to either diligently search for a home that captivated your attention, or you opted to build from the ground up and personally designed every square foot. However, once night falls, all the beautiful architecture fades with the sunlight.

That’s where landscape lighting can change everything! With the help of a professional landscape lighting specialist, you can personally design a lighting scheme that will brighten and enhance your unique home. Landscape lighting compositions are strategically designed to both capture and guide the eyes. Lights do more than simply reveal architecture and design. When properly placed, they guide the viewer gently through the illuminated scene, revealing the secrets hidden by the night; while eliminating deep shadows and bright hot spots. They can illuminate pathways to highlight stunning garden or flower bed features, transform your pool or water fountain into an outdoor oasis, or even highlight the diversity of your home’s architectural features all depending upon how the particular composition is designed and executed. All of this and more is made possible through landscape lighting.



Have you ever come home late at night, when there is no light surrounding your home besides what is coming from your headlights and the single bulb over the entryway, and felt like a stranger could very easily be hiding close by in the shadows? Your home is where your most valuable possessions are stored. It is the place where you and your family should feel the most secure. You should not have to exit your vehicle in fear of being ambushed by someone with ill intentions.

Landscape lighting to the rescue! You can highlight every questionable nook that could be used for hiding. Our certified lighting specialist is trained to seek out those potentially dangerous situations and can give you peace of mind when it comes to protecting the people you love most. Additionally, a well-lit home is a major deterrent against burglars or anyone else looking for an easy target.




The last thing that you want to have happen at your home is for a family member or guest to have a painful accident while walking through your yard. Without lighting, even the smallest crack in the sidewalk or tree root can lead to an emergency room visit. Landscape lighting can properly highlight potential hazards, such as an elevation change or an in ground pool. Strategically placed lighting can also help to clarify paths or boundaries to keep your guests from stumbling unnecessarily. And all of this is possible through strategic lighting compositions that are specially designed on an individual basis depending upon the needs of the client.


Aesthetics, security, and safety – all three of these purposes of landscape lighting are intertwined because we at Red River Lights aren't simply putting up security lights on the corner of house. When we design and implement a lighting scheme, we are creating a scene that is warm and secure while presenting a beautiful yard.


The weather is becoming just right for you to enjoy the outdoor space that you have with your family and friends! At Red River Lights, our Landscape Lighting Specialist can help you illuminate your space to allow for a safe, secure place to call home.  For design inspiration, click HERE to see an extensive photo gallery on our website. To schedule a time to discuss your landscape lighting needs, either submit this FORM or call Brandon at (318) 469-3106.


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